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From Chiavari to Chargers: Crafting Unforgettable Events with Special Occasions Rentals

Updated: Jan 8

When thinking about Special Occasions, oftentimes the first things to mind are tables dressed in assorted colors of satin, sparkle, patterns, and lace. We’re known for and are so proud of our gorgeous, signature collection of table linens. However, we also carry a variety of hard goods available to rent to complete your tablescapes! From chair rentals to charger plates, Special Occasions can be your one stop shop for everything you need to create your dream table design and transform any room for your special event. 

regal hotel ballroom luxury wedding with chair, charger plate and specialty linen rentals in grand rapids michigan

We love transformation - it’s one of our favorite parts of what we do, and we are so lucky to play such a large role in curating and bringing to life event aesthetics. This is special to us because the design of a space evokes emotion. Imagine walking into a room full of ethereal bright whites, an industrial space with wooden accents and moody details, or a regal ballroom dripping in gold. Each of these vibes bring forth specific feelings. We want your guests to feel something extraordinary when they walk into the venue, and using our tools to transform the space can do just that.

One tool guaranteed to make an impact is chairs. Have you ever considered how much space chairs take up in a room? Think of it this way - each table has anywhere between 6-12 chairs around it. For larger weddings, there could be up to or over 300 chairs all in one space! Chairs play a huge role in the transformation and vibe of a room. Our most popular chair is the chiavari, which comes in a variety of colors - gold, black, silver, and mahogany. While they’re all the same style of chair, each color fosters a specific design aesthetic. Gold chiavari will make any room feel dreamy and romantic, black chairs are chic and timeless, silver is charming and elegant, and mahogany chiavari is organically sophisticated. Any style of our chiavari chairs can match your event’s color scheme, and we’re certain they’ll enhance the vibe and design, too. 

Our collection of farm-style wooden rentals are sure to add a unique and organic element to any event. Cross-back farm chairs are increasingly popular, for good reason, as they can be dressed up in a whimsical, rustic, or elegant manner. We love them because they draw in wooden touches around the room, which can easily match the decor of a venue space or the overall design. We also carry wooden farm tables, which are a wow-factor detail and guarantee a stand-out moment. Farm tables are perfect for VIP or head tables, especially when there’s a Special Occasions runner flowing down the middle!

head table sweetheart table wooden farm table rental wedding reception farm tables michigan wedding rentals

Let’s talk chargers - which are larger plates that serve an aesthetic purpose. Typically, one won’t eat directly off the charger plate, but rather, place serving plates on top of it. Chargers are great because they identify each designated place setting and serve as a beautiful base for a napkin, menu, or favor to sit on top of. That being said, they help to create a complete and refined look at each table. Chargers come in many colors and styles, which further creates an opportunity to tie in themes and color schemes into the design. 

We’re constantly adding to our charger plate inventory, and at this point, we’ve acquired quite the collection! Our resin chargers, which are cost-effective and durable, come in a variety of options, including gold, silver, gold rope, black rope, red rope, gold antique, and white scalloped - each of which are chic and elegant in their own unique way. We also have glass chargers available to rent, which are made of transparent heavy glass, and have beads or a rimmed outline along the edges in either gold or silver. We love our glass chargers because they add a luxurious and timeless touch to the table. In addition, our newest charger, wooden acacia, is sure to add an organic vibe at each place setting.

A couple other items we’re proud to supply are our gold dahlia placemats and gold flatware. The placemat, which consists of many tiny gold petals bundled together to form a floral, dahlia-like design is the perfect way to include a delicate and graceful detail. Our gold flatware is available in knives, salad and dinner forks, and soup and dessert spoons. Each piece has ornate detailing and is heavy and high-quality. Since many catering companies supply silver flatware, we recommend renting our gold flatware if you’re looking to tie gold accents into your design.

wedding sweetheart table university of michigan wedding reception specialty gold placemat rental

There are so many opportunities for transformation with our vast collection of event rentals. Utilizing specialty chairs, chargers and linens will undoubtedly elevate your design to the next level. Create special moments and leave your guests full of emotion by curating the perfect event aesthetic for your wedding, party, fundraiser, or celebration with Special Occasions rentals.

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