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Setting up an event with our rentals?
Below are some tutorials, so you can look like a pro.

How to: Tie a Cocktail Sash

Learn how to master two different cocktail ties with this detailed tutorial. 

How to: Install a Chair Cover

Step by step instructions for installing spandex chair covers on banquet chairs. 

How to: Install a Pillowcase Chair Cover

Step by step instructions for installing pillowcase chair covers on banquet chairs. 

How to: Tie a Sash Bow

Follow these detailed directions to perfectly tie bows of different sizes with our sashes.

How to: Tie a Sash Flip Tie

Master the flip sash tie with these simple directions.

How to: Tie Sash Rosettes

These detailed instructions will help you to perfectly create a variety of rosette ties.

How to: Linen Press Line and Tucking

Set linens like a pro by following these standard practices.

How to: Place a Runner

Follow these simple details to perfectly set table runners.

How to: Set the Table

These detailed directions outline the proper way to set a table.

How to: Banded Napkin Fold

Follow these step by step directions to master the banded napkin fold.

How to: Waterfall Napkin Fold

These simple steps will help you perfect the waterfall napkin fold.

How to: Menu Napkin Fold

Easy instructions for creating the menu napkin fold.

How to: Knot Napkin Fold

Perfect the knot napkin fold with this easy tutorial.

How to: Napkin Ring Bow Fold

Create the elegant and beautiful napkin ring bow by following these steps.

How to: Diagonal Napkin Fold

Step by step directions to perfectly create the diagonal napkin fold.

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