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Easily Achieve your Event Aesthetic Goals with Full Length Table Linens

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

At some point, you might be the couple planning a wedding, the parent with a birthday party, or the event planner for a corporate company or fundraiser. In such cases, you will inevitably deliberate and decide what to do about the event decor, rentals, and linens dressing the tables of your event. Allow us to help make this decision a bit easier by outlining the table linen options you have, and what we recommend as experts in the field.

Traverse City tent wedding timeless design with champagne satin tablecloths and gold chiavari chair rentals

When clients inquire about party, wedding, or event rentals, we always recommend that they opt for floor length table linens, instead of lap-length. With shorter linens, you'll see the feet of the table, empty space between the table and floor, and guests’ legs and feet. Selecting floor length linens cover up these slight eyesores for a polished look.

Art museum fundraiser gala event blue satin and regal pattern table linens with luxury floral

Full length linens also hold the potential to totally transform a venue. Consider it this way - at any event, whether it's a wedding, corporate fundraiser, or award ceremony, tables and chairs take up so much physical space in the room. When all of these tables are fully covered in linens, that alone makes a huge overall effect on the event’s look and aesthetic.

Of course, you can always dress your tables in white or black tablecloths for a classic and timeless look. However, we love to encourage clients to try a color on their tables, or even a mix of tones and shades to enhance the overall vibe of their event. Whether you’re considering a wedding color scheme, corporate brand, or party theme, playing with color brings the space to life, simply by changing up the linens laid on the tables.

Leona Road event venue with floral Special Occasions rental linens

If you’re looking to dress tables at an upcoming event and want the money you're spending to have the greatest effect possible, definitely consider floor length linens. Full length table linens will cover up empty space, which creates an elegant, clean, and put together look. If there’s a theme or color scheme you’d like to achieve, linens are an easy and effective way to bring any event aesthetic to life. In the end, it’s worth it to spend a bit more on floor length linens, with the trade off that they’ll make a big difference towards the overall presence of the room.

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