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Modern Elegance Meets Historic Charm: A Wedding Dream at Detroit's Restored Book Tower

Effortlessly marrying airy elegance with natural simplicity, this timeless wedding aesthetic shined at Detroit's newly restored and historically iconic Book Tower for K+R Coordination's styled shoot. Beautifully captured by Patty Leonor, the traditionally charming yet contemporarily chic venue space was dressed in neutral, luxe tones, exuding the perfect combination of sophistication and whimsy.

Book Tower Detroit New Venue with Skylights

Boasting original, historical architecture with stylish, modern additions, the newly restored Book Tower Detroit is the newest must-experience spot in eclectic and renowned downtown Detroit. Rich history sits behind Book Tower's doors, as it originally opened in 1926, and was the tallest structure in the city at the time. The details exhibit roman-inspired details, many of which were maintained in the building's recent restoration, which showcases century old design accented with modern amenities. The astonishing building contains spaces for visitors to live, work, dine, celebrate, and stay, as well as learning spots dedicated to the building's abundant history. In this case, Book Tower's Conservatory ballroom, available for events, is overlooked by a glass skylight and surrounded by natural foliage in front of dark teal architecture and wooden floors; this gorgeous ballroom is a uniquely elegant and dreamy space for celebration.

Fully and brilliantly designed by K+R Coordination, Book Tower was styled in organic, airy tones, which showed off the conservatory's natural beauty, while also creatively curating an ambiance that is timeless, yet also whimsically unique. Beige poly linens dressed each table, setting a neutral base - a beautiful option for those looking for a bright, simple base with a touch of cozy warmth. On some select guest tables, as well as the sweetheart table, laid our ivory garden overlay, which added a touch of whimsy around the room, creating special moments for guests to be immersed in. Each seat was identified with white scalloped resin chargers, topped with brown poly napkins and set with our gold flatware. The stark white chargers contributed a touch of brightness and contrast against the darker napkins, which compliment the vibe of the venue, while gold flatware added a touch of luxe warmth, completing each place setting.

At Detroit's newly renovated Book Tower, K+R Coordination's styled shoot epitomizes timeless elegance infused with natural simplicity. Book Tower's ambiance seamlessly blends century-old design with modern flair, especially in the Conservatory ballroom, which is complimented by an impressive glass skylight, serving as the perfect space for airy and organic tones chosen for the shoot. Each detail was thoughtfully chosen to create an aesthetic that is both timeless and whimsically unique. As guests gather in this remarkable venue, they will be enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication, warmth, and enchantment, making it an unforgettable setting for any celebration.


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