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Outside the box...but inside a box...

Curated event boxes have been the direction we have been serving our customers since March of 2020. While event boxes aren't a new concept for our team (more on this later), we hadn't planned to launch this division of our business this quickly...but like everything else from 2020, here we are!

It seems virtual events are here to hang out for a while. Event coordinator and corporate planners alike still have plans for virtual and hybrid events in 2021 and beyond. Virtual events for 2021 are no longer a backup plan, even with the world slowly opening up to events, many coordinators are confidently moving forward with planning a meaningful event in a virtual or socially distanced way.

Without the option of an in-person gathering or connection, non-profit and corporate business alike are looking for a meaningful way to connect to their donors, supporters, clients and friends.

Creating an event box is more than simply putting pretty items in a pretty box, it takes time to understand the mission, meaning and craft a true experience that remains memorable. Our team will develop a plan, source items, design and produce materials, stuff boxes and deliver the final product!

We'd love to learn about your upcoming projects, events, staff retreats and celebrations and help curate a box especially for you! Visit our website for more information!


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