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Meet Leaf Ivalace!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Special Occasions team has been working on a super exciting, secret project, which we're finally ready to share with the world! Our newest product, leaf ivalace printed panama, was custom designed in house. Meaning, it is a one-of-a-kind linen, only available with Special Occasions.

meijer lpga tournament sponsor luncheon tables

graphic design and sketch of leaf and vine tablecloth and napkin rental by special occasions

As orders for this wedding season were pouring in, we noticed an interest in a certain aesthetic, and a gap in our inventory to meet this demand. Upon assessing our options, it became evident that we were going to have to take a different route - creating a custom design. Keri, one of our business owners, spent hours piecing together the intertwined vine-like design on her computer, then took more time intentionally coloring in details of the design by hand. The leaf ivalace design is an ode to Keri’s attention to detail, as numerous vines and twines interlock into growing swirls. Each stem is full of leaves in different shapes and sizes. A darker green shade outlines each vine and the veins within, while a slightly lighter green fills them in. The pattern is printed on a panama linen, which is a heavy, luxurious, and woven material. Over the white background, the earthy swirls exude a dreamy, garden vibe.

leaf vines ivy green natural tablecloth for weddings

Going into this endeavor, leaf ivalace was originally only intended for napkins. However, upon receiving a sample of the design, our team fell in love and decided we just had to order full length linens! As we waited for the order to arrive, our team brainstormed names. For days, we threw around words synonymous with green, leaves and vine. In the end, “leaf” felt fitting for the shade of green showcased in the design, since the tone matches our leaf velvet. Ivalace, a type of ivy, gave off a dreamy, luxe feeling. Thus, leaf ivalace was born!

Once the full order of linens and napkins came in, we knew we had a beautiful product on our hands. Since then, we can’t keep this linen in our warehouse for longer than a few days, as we’ve consistently been flipping it each week for various events! So far, leaf ivalace has shown off its beauty at various weddings and LPGA festivities. We’ve received so much love for this linen already, and can’t wait to see all the tables it’ll dress!


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