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Emily + Pat's Romantic Spring Soirée at Shepherd's Hollow

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The bloom of the new season is embraced through the design details of Emily and Pat’s gorgeous spring wedding at Shepherd’s Hollow, photographed by Rachelle Welling and planned, designed, and coordinated by All Buttoned Up Events. The reception space provides a clean and chic foundation for spring-like pops of color to transform the aesthetic, while still maintaining the elegant vibe we know and love from this venue.

Guest table of timeless green and white whimsical floral wedding at Shepherd's Hollow Golf Course in Clarkston Michigan

Massive floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light into the room, flooding the space with bright radiance. Additionally, black and white interior details accentuate the classy and timeless style of Shepherd’s Hollow. White chiavari chairs were specifically brought in for this reception, which also contributes to the luminously chic composition. Continuing on the trend of light elegance, ivory matte satin linens dress the guest tables, further creating a bright base for intricately vibrant details of the design to shine.

Vivid, spring florals enter the design as tones of peach, coral, burgundy, ivory, blush, yellow and blue dance along tables, bouquets and decor installations. Willa Rose Floral constructed a mix of blooms in a variety of shades, from pale coral to deep burgundy, and everything in between. While there are an assortment of colors at play, the buds are arranged with careful detail, which seamlessly constructs balanced, whimsical, elegant, and simply stunning arrangements. As a result, the gorgeous florals create an aura of joyful romance.

A personal favorite element of this design is the rich and luscious leaf green velvet plotted around the room. Leaf velvet napkins, which drape down the side of each place setting, add a naturally luxurious touch of color to the guest tables. Not only is each setting adorned with our leaf velvet napkins, but matching velvet ribbons are also tied onto every menu and favor. Sweet Heather Anne’s beautiful cake, which matches the floral arrangements, sits atop a full length leaf velvet linen, which also dresses cocktail tables. As a whole, the room feels organic and lavish, thanks to this elegant green velvet displayed throughout the space.

Newlywed couple cutting custom spring cake at their Michigan wedding using Special Occasions linen rentals, green leaf velvet table linen seen here

Spring wedding head table full of bright, colorful, whimsical flowers with wedding rentals including green velvet napkins and white sequin table linen

Now, a moment for the head table, which combines every brilliant design detail, while simultaneously taking it to the next level. The king’s table is dressed in our white milan lace overlay, which is delicately sumptuous, as it includes a regal, floral-swirl design, dripping in subtle sequins. Still, there are leaf velvet napkins and ribbons, which continue to create a natural charm around the table. The floral and greenery running along the center don the same beautiful hues as the other arrangements, with more frequent and condensed bundles of buds, producing an alluring tablescape.

Shepherds Hollow’s sophisticated aesthetic provides a timeless space for spring-like elements to shine, such as strikingly rich florals for playful, yet polished arrangements. Furthermore, leaf velvet linens, a statement piece showcased around the room, create a natural and luxurious essence to the space. The head table, dressed in a white milan lace overlay, add a touch of sparkle to the overall presentation. Overall, the classy and chic venue was perfectly complemented with organically whimsical design details to create a balanced, elegant and romantic space for celebration.

Wedding party celebrating at wedding head table at Shepherd's Hollow Golf Course in Clarkston Michigan with Special Occasions table rentals including a white sequin tablecloth and velvet napkins

Photography: Rachelle Welling Photography | Venue: Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club | Design, planning, and coordination: All Buttoned Up Events |


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