We prioritize and are dedicated to utilizing eco-friendly resources and practices within our facilities.

When you rent your linens instead of purchasing, you are doing your part to contribute towards a circular economy, which as a result, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. A circular economy is the cycle in which a product is made and used, goes on to be shared and therefore reused, then brought back to be repaired, recycled and refurbished. The cycle completes and is repeated when linens are rented out again for another use. When products are purchased, there is a higher demand for production, which emits more greenhouse gasses into the environment and wastes water. However, when products are rented, there is less production and as a result, less water is wasted and fewer emissions are released. 

We have committed to minimal waste processes by using compostable and reusable materials in our operations. Additionally, Special Occasions is proud to use environmentally friendly products which remove toxins from our wash water. The water that we use is safely returned to the Earth in a clean state, not allowing for toxic materials to be released into the environment. Special Occasions also has meaningful intentions to move towards solar powered energy as well as greywater tanks to reuse our clean wash water. We believe it’s our responsibility to do all we can to help our planet by taking part in sustainable practices at Special Occasions.